Retirement Town Hall rewind

In the past couple of weeks we’ve been tracking some important stories on retirement benefits. If you haven’t been to the blog recently, here’s what you missed.

To DB or not to DB?
Most recently we highlighted how a new study in collaboration with the National Institute for Retirement Security revealed that public employees, by far, prefer the advantages of defined benefit (DB) plans over defined contribution (DC) plans. In states that offered their employees a choice of plans the overwhelming majority picked DB plans. Here’s a collection of press coverage.

Two forces that affect investing
In recent weeks we’ve covered two of the key forces that have been affecting pension plan investing lately. First we looked at the mounting trouble that pensions face because of lowered bond interest rates intended to boost the economy in How low can they go? Later, we explored the pros and cons of pension plans investing in hedge funds and private equity and asked you for your thoughts on the topic in our poll: Hedging your pension bets.

Public comments make a difference
The Employee Benefit Research Group provided us with two important updates in the past two weeks. First, the Department of Labor announced plans to re-purpose the rule on definition of fiduciary stating “more public input and greater research will strengthen the rule.” Later, the PBGC decided to give defined benefit plan sponsors premium relief. They are “taking this action as a result of public comments and a White House directive.”

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