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Dear Actuary explores the benefits of an experience study as a financial plan management tool

With financial management being a top priority of retirement plan boards, an experience study can be a vital tool for the successful financial plan management of a pension. Here are two important questions plan sponsors should consider: What is the purpose of an experience study? And what benefits can it provide my pension plan? Milliman’s latest Dear Actuary column provides some perspective.

How can public pension plans provide sustainable levels of benefits despite rising costs?

When faced with rising pension costs, many public pension plan sponsors are pressured to freeze plan benefits. However, a look into five key pension plan provisions that are the biggest drivers of pension costs can help sponsors set sustainable levels of benefits. This Dear Actuary column provides perspective.

Population projection helps community plan tribal member benefits

One Native American community engaged Milliman to learn how membership growth would affect the funding needed to finance benefit programs for its citizenry. In this article, consultant Bruce Mitton explains the firm’s population projection that helped tribal leaders understand the financial implications of the community’s long-term growth rate.

Here is an excerpt:

Milliman prepared a report for the community leaders that showed that the size of the citizenry was likely to increase 50% over the next 20 years. While this is a significant increase, the previous estimate led them to believe that they would reach this size in a period of only 10 years instead of 20. We were able to provide a more realistic prediction of how their group would change over time. The citizens’ average age was expected to increase from about 26.8 years to roughly 29.6 years over the same 20-year period. Finally, we were able to provide them with count estimates in five-year age groups at five, 10, 15, and 20 years in the future, as well as the expected number of deaths. They were very happy with the refined estimate because it will enable them to match the various programs with the appropriate age groups and, using the future counts, develop budgets and make more definite plans for the future.

Actuarial solution results in larger opportunities

Milliman was recently retained by a multinational company to provide actuarial services for its retirement programs in six countries. This article by Danny Quant highlights how Milliman’s solution turned the initial valuation contract into broader consulting opportunities.

ASPPA recognizes top retirement plan examination performer

Milliman’s Hans Jones was recognized by the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) for his outstanding performance on the Spring 2015 DB Exam. Jones was a recipient of the 2015 Martin Rosenberg Academic Achievement Award. The award is designed to acknowledge the top-performing candidates on the DC-1, DC-2, DC-3, DB, CPC, and A-4 examinations.

For more information, read the ASPPA press release here.