Retirement Town Hall rewind

Recently we’ve covered a lot of ground on Retirement Town Hall. We began April by celebrating National Employee Benefit Day. Yes, we know it’s not printed on calendars like a major holiday, but for those of us who focus on employee benefits it’s nice to get a little acknowledgment every now and again.

Next we looked at two important pension funding data points. First, we looked at the asset allocations from the 2011 Pension Funding Study and what this could signal. Then we delved into what drove improvements in pension funding in March.

We also heard from Retirement Town Hall contributors on some important employee education issues. First, Jeff Marzinsky explored the dangers of thinking too simplistically about automatic enrollment plans and what employee benefits practitioners need to consider when they put automatic enrollment systems in place. Then Denise Foster took a look at the crisis in confidence among women when it comes to retirement planning and ways to turn things around.

This spring we’ve launched our own Retirement Town Hall group. Join the group to stay up to date on the latest in retirement and employee benefit news and analysis.