Simplifying access to defined contribution information portals

During a panel discussion on “Client Facing Technologies” at SunGard’s Annual Users’ Conference in Florida, I was asked: 

How does Milliman find it needs to communicate to its customers and what types of technology do you consider crucial to implement to address these communications?

My response is below.

I believe users “logging in” to Milliman websites will decline rapidly in the coming year. In the past, declining logins would be a troubling sign for a technology professional. Now it is the goal. 

That’s because secure and safe access to this information is becoming available through Milliman’s Secure Access Channels such as:

  1. Mobile applications downloadable on Android and iPhone/iPad devices
  2. HTML5 mobile sites using smart phone login credentials
  3. Single Sign-On (SSO) with client networks using Secured Access Markup Language (SAML)
  4. One-click email decisions such as “go paperless” that participants elect to do directly from their email message
  5. Pass-through logins accepted from “keymakers” like Facebook and OpenID.

Each Secure Access Channel breaks down the user name and password “barrier” created by participant websites and increases participant interactions with their employee benefits.

Milliman works with SunGard and other companies to assemble functionality, bandwidth, and access to secure information contained within our record-keeping systems while maintaining the same high standards of the Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization – SSAE No. 16.

Secure Access Channels are strategically important for Milliman. Together they change communication patterns in the same kinds of ways that interactive voice response (IVR) changed paper forms and websites changed IVR.

Finding the right “mix” of technology and business process improvement in each medium, and adjusting over time, will be the subject of my next post.