Retirement Town Hall rewind

If you haven’t checked out Retirement Town Hall recently, you’ve missed a look at the past, present, and future of retirement benefits. Don’t worry, we’ve wrapped it all up for you below.

What’s past is prelude
First, Bart Pushaw took a look back at some of his recent Pension accounting conjectures to see how close he got to the truth. Next Mike Mikhitarian showed us how a Pension Performance Dashboard can keep plan sponsors up to speed on fluctuations and changes to the plan. If you’ve been keeping track of a pension plan recently you’ve likely seen “Historically low interest rates driving historically high employer contribution requirements”. You’ve probably also noticed how, as John Ehrhardt pointed out, Pension plans continue modest 2012 improvement.

No time like the present
We keep you up to the minute on important days on the retirement benefits calendar at Retirement Town Hall. If you haven’t already, now is the time to download the Multiemployer plans: Key dates and deadlines for 2012 from our website.

Back to the future
This month, Tim Connor and Genny Sedgwick began a series of posts about Retirement plans: What to look for in 2012. The first two posts in this series looked at Discount rates and Financial statements expectations for defined benefits plans. Look for more in this series in the near future. Also, Vanessa Vaag showed us just how foreseeable the future can be with FutureCost: Keeping track of retirement plan risks and trends, featuring a video on the  interactive model that provides short- and long-term projections of key financial metrics.

And while you’re in a forward-looking mood, why not answer two forward-looking poll questions about your own retirement plans:

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