Public pension plans’ funded status improves in Q3

Sielman-BeckyMilliman today released the third-quarter results of its Public Pension Funding Index, which consists of the nation’s 100 largest public defined benefit pension plans. As of September 30, the funded ratio of these plans rose to 71.0%, up from 69.8% at the end of June. The funded status improved by $48 billion, the result of an estimated $86 billion increase in plan assets thanks to relatively healthy investment returns of 3.5% for the quarter.

While investment returns were healthier than expected, our Milliman 100 plans experienced a wide range of returns, from an estimated low of 1.33% to a high of 4.37%. Bond funds and commodities generally fared poorly, after having done well in the second quarter. It’s yet to be seen whether they will rebound as we close out the year.

The Milliman 100 PPFI total pension liability (TPL) increased from $4.583 trillion at the end of Q2 to an estimated $4.620 trillion at the end of Q3. The TPL is expected to grow modestly over time as interest on the TPL and the accrual of new benefits outpaces the benefits paid to retirees.

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