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Bitcoin considerations for retirement plan sponsors

Bitcoin is a digital “currency” or cryptocurrency not tied to a sovereign or bank. It is mainly a tool for transactions (purchase of goods, payment of services), and the number of bitcoins is governed by the blockchain technology that underlies its use.

Bitcoin is most popular with people and institutions on the leading edge of technology, and a large number of investors, rather than the everyday consumer. Very few businesses currently accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment, but cryptocurrencies are being used by a small number of companies and may be used more often in the coming years.

In this article, Milliman’s Charles Hodge discusses bitcoin and whether it is an appropriate investment vehicle for retirement plan sponsors.

What do the Fed’s policy shifts from calendar to economic targets mean for investors?

The U.S. Federal Reserve recently announced changes that will have major implications for investors and plan fiduciaries. The Fed’s decision to move to economic targets rather than date-based indications will result in a higher-rate environment. Plan sponsors and trustees would be wise to examine their plans and make adjustments now to prepare for the coming rate increases, as well as plan what actions to take when rates stabilize.

This paper offers several considerations for investors pertaining to the Fed’s policy shift from calendar to economic targets.