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Milliman receives PLANSPONSOR award for excellence in Defined Contribution Survey

Milliman is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a PLANSPONSOR Silver award for excellence in the publication’s 2017 Defined Contribution (DC) Survey. The annual survey catalogued nearly 3,500 responses from defined contribution plan sponsors nationwide, who were asked how satisfied they were with their providers. Milliman is one of three organizations recognized as a “Survey Standout” in the midsize ($50 million to $200 million) asset class market, having received 18 Best in Class Awards in this category.

At Milliman, we strongly believe in providing high-quality service and responsiveness to our defined contribution clients, and work hard to exceed their expectations, so we’re pleased and gratified to once again receive an award for excellence from PLANSPONSOR.

Across the three asset class markets for which Milliman qualified ($25 million to $50 million, $50 million to $200 million, and $200 million to $1 billion), the firm won a total of 45 “Best in Class” awards—which includes the Silver Cup for the midsize market—and five “Service Commendations.” “Best in Class” awards are based on a PLANSPONSOR-designated “net satisfaction score” tabulated from survey responses. Since 2012, Milliman has won 11 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cups in the DC Survey.

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Considerations for de-risking defined benefit plans

PlanSponsor has published a four-part series of articles authored by Milliman’s Zorast Wadia and John Ehrhardt. The series focuses on pension risk as well as measures that employers should consider in de-risking their corporate defined benefit (DB) plans.

De-risking corporate defined benefit pension plans
The first article provides an overview of the corporate DB landscape since Milliman’s inaugural Pension Funding Study in 2000. The article also highlights a three-step process for plan sponsors pondering a de-risking strategy.

Major risks facing DB plans today
Employers should understand their current pension risks before implementing a de-risking strategy. This article details several risks sponsors must deal with.

Managing and mitigating DB plan risk
The final two articles address a de-risking framework referred to as “the three Ms”: managing, mitigating, and moving risk. This article offers perspective on the first two.

Moving DB risk, and the risks of de-risking
Zorast and John discuss the last of the three Ms, moving risk, in this article. They also pose questions that can help sponsors understand the risks associated with pension de-risking.