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GASB 74/75: OPEB expense and balance sheet items

New accounting rules in the United States for postemployment benefits other than pension (OPEB), first implemented in 2016, are now in effect. Successful implementation of the new rules will require an understanding of a variety of technical concepts regarding the newly required calculations.

This article by Milliman actuary Rebecca Ross explores OPEB expenses and balance sheet items. Rebecca discusses the new requirements for disclosing OPEB expense and the effect these changes will have on plan and employer financial statements.

This article is part of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 74 and 75 miniseries. 

GASB 73/74/75: Timing considerations for compliance with new financial reporting rules

Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statements 74 and 75 mandate changes to the way liabilities are reported on financial statements for state and local governments with other postemployment benefits (OPEB) obligations. These changes are designed to standardize the way OPEB expense is calculated and displayed in order to enhance disclosure and facilitate decision-making. There are several important dates to consider when calculating and reporting OPEB liability: the reporting date, actuarial valuation rate, and measurement date. Milliman’s Rebecca Ross provides perspective in this PERiScope article.